Friday, June 1, 2012

Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign.

I have a serious passion for neon and if it's retro neon, wow! On one of our trips to Vegas last year we visited the Neon Museum (Neon Boneyard) and I took lots of photos. The tour was fabulous, walking through all the large neon signs from all the old hotels, now demolished. Such history! I could almost hear the Rat Pack singing. Check out my photos here and here and here.

This is Dino's Lounge. The last neighborhood bar in Vegas. (it's really old Vegas) We never went in but of course I got a shot of the sign. This is how it looked when I started the painting many months ago. If you go back to my post about it, I was having a bit of a dry spell at the time. I put it away and forgot about it until last week when I pulled it out again. I wasn't happy with the format so I started fresh on a 6x6 board. Here's what it looks like completed. I'm happy with the end result.

 Dino's Lounge. 6x6 acrylic on board

Kit Kat. 6x6 acrylic on board

This is the Kit Kat Restaurant here in Toronto. It's not far from me and it's in a block of restaurants with lots of neon, so of course I've taken lots of photos of their signs. I like the square format and the small size lets me complete a painting in a couple of hours. I like where this series is going so stay tuned for more of them.