Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every Painting Tells a Story.

'The Drive South Was Long'  40x40x2  acrylic on canvas

The large paintings that I've been working on for the past few weeks are done and varnished and wrapped to be delivered. They'll be making their way to their new temporary home at Art Interiors today.

'The Drive South Was Long' was inspired by the many trips my family made to Florida when I was a child. My dad would load up the car every spring break and we'd head south on I-75 towards the east coast of Florida. This was in the mid 60's so the roads, scenery, and experience was of course nothing as it is today. Think Mad Men (if you watch the show). As a child of 10, I was fascinated by how different and 'American' everything was. The different restaurants, gas stations, hotels, food, shopping. It was completely different than what I had in Toronto, Canada and I loved it all. Unfortunately I don't have too many photographs of those trips.

So as this painting was inspired by those trips, it's really a combination of the memories with elements of modern day. The lines and poles are nothing as they were some 40 years ago nor is the sign retro. Stay tuned as I'll be posting more new work in this new series.