Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Another Day.

Just Another Day 20x24 Acrylic on canvas
Available at Arts on Queen
"Fresh" hangs until July 31st

It's just another day here in the studio. I think this is the week that all things will finally fall into place since our move almost one month ago. New furniture will be delivered and picked up today. They'll be assembled and installed, others will be switched and moved around. My paints and canvases will be moved and re organized once again. Only after everything is in it's place will I feel comfortable enough to really get serious about painting new work. Even though I haven't been painting, I've been thinking about it constantly. I think of the empty canvases waiting for me, and the paint that has to be re stocked, and about how it will feel to be working in the new space. I've got lots of ideas and sketches done in my head now I just have to get them down on paper and canvas.

I'm coming up to my 300 blog post soon. I think I'll celebrate by having a giveaway of some of my art. Join me won't you.