Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm on Cityline With My Art. Somebody Pinch Me!

Here are just a few pics from the Cityline taping I attended last Thursday. So much fun to be in studio and see all that goes on behind the scenes.

Here's a birds eye view from the green room of Brian Gluckstein with his collection of one of a kind pieces for his segment.

Host extraordinaire Tracy Moore hams it up for my camera. She's so much fun and engages the studio audience. Everyone was having a great time.

Sharon Grech and stylist Diane Gallard setting up one of the display walls. How to hang art. That small 12x12 landscape behind the orange flower is one of mine.

Thanks Sharon, for making this adventure happen. It's been a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. My little corner of a studio is a joy to paint in and now the rest of the space is pulled together and inviting. I'm no longer embarrassed to have clients come in.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about paintings you saw on the show or purchasing info in general. Be sure to check out my website, the 'available in studio' section of my blog as well as the list of galleries that carry my work.