Thursday, August 30, 2012

Landscapes at XC Art Restoration.

 Secret Place  36x48  Acrylic on canvas
Available at Art Restoration

 Early Riser  36x48  Acrylic on canvas
Available at Art Restoration

Every now and then I get the exciting news that my work will be featured in a gallery, brochure, magazine or even on television. This is always such a big thrill for me because it gets my work out to be seen by so many. When I was informed that Art Restoration will be featuring my paintings in the front of the gallery and in the beautiful big feature window, I jumped for joy.

For the next few weeks Secret Place will be featured in the gallery's window and a selection of my landscapes will be at the front of the gallery. I hope that when people catch a glimpse as they go by that it somehow conveys a sense of peace and stillness. I feel that our lives have become so fast paced and hectic that in looking at one of my landscapes, I'd like the viewer to enjoy the calm and serenity that I've captured, even if only for a moment. And of course if my paintings resonate with someone so much that they purchase it, well that is the ultimate compliment. This is why I paint really. It's my way of bringing some peace and maybe a little joy into the world. And there's proof that looking at art makes you happy. You can see a previous post about this here.