Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Progress.

I've been busy in the studio painting new cityscapes. I find I'm rather slow when it comes to painting this "King West" series-more details than I'm used to. Here's my progression.

I must admit I've started using a projector to get the main shapes and perspective right. I know I could go completely old school and do this by hand but right now that would take way too long.

My studio assistant for the day. For some reason the bottom corner of this canvas is very fascinating to her.

I've blocked in large areas and have started to bring out some of the details in the vehicles. Hard to see and you're probably thinking it's just shades of gray. You're right. This series is very limited in color. Mostly neutrals with small details of color added at the finish. 

Last weeks distress in the studio caused me to empty out all of my storage baskets and drawers. I purged a few unused and broken items but mainly I organised the contents. It's odd how that chaos and clutter can stress me so. Other problems with layout will have to wait as I must concentrate on finishing up the new cityscapes and start preparing for upcoming shows. April will be a very busy month.