Thursday, March 1, 2012

Help-I Need a Studio Makeover.

I have been moving canvases from one spot to the other and then moving them back. I've been shuffling piles, large piles of home decor and art magazines. I've been cleaning and wiping and fumbling with out dated storage options with drawers that stick. I've been using a curse word here and there. I should be painting!!!! 

My studio has been driving me crazy. We've been in our condo for about 18 months now and the way I originally set up the floor plan is not working, at least not in my little 3'x5' space I call my 'studio'. Before I even start putting paint to canvas I'm moving furniture out of the way, putting protective sheeting on the floor and struggling with piles of stuff. (I don't know how those hoarders do it.)

 Here's my studio as I left it last night. 

 My work table is also our dining table. Needless to say we eat many of our dinners on the couch.

Some of these canvases are finished paintings that will be delivered this week. The others are in various stages of completion.

I've been busy and my business is growing. Major gratitude here! I have a few shows coming up and my galleries are asking me for new work. On average it takes me about 30-45 minutes to set up to work (and the same to clean up) but honestly, there are days I just avoid it altogether. All this un-organization and clutter is zapping my creativity. If there is a design goddess or an organization faerie reading this, please come to my studio and wave your magic wand.