Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Masters Oil Painting Class Week 5.

The old masters oil painting class that I'm taking is going along smoothly. I'm a bit behind the other students as I missed the third class due to a long weekend away, but I'll have an opportunity to get caught up soon. When I left off in my last post about this I had finished the very detailed line drawing (done free hand thank you! No photos or projectors allowed). We transferred the drawing onto the canvas using an oil transfer method.

Week 4. Here I've blocked in the dark areas using raw umber and medium. Step 2 was sculpting the light areas and highlights with white and medium. We are building up layers and creating colors with glazes

End of class week 5. A thin glaze of Indian red was used. It enhanced the already dark areas and created a soft peachy orange on the areas where the yellow ochre canvas shows through. I went over a few of the dark areas with raw umber and then again glazed with white, the highlights. It's starting to look three dimensional. Using the oils is so different from the acrylics especially in drying time. Just for fun, I started a still life here in my studio using the same painting method with acrylics so I can compare the two mediums. Stay tuned.