Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paint Color Inspiration.

If you're familiar with my blog, you know that something I do often is go to paint stores and big box home stores to check out the paint chips. You'll remember from this post, that I get really excited about them. I'm like a kid in a candy store.

Not only do the colors inspire me, I really like the names given to them. C'mon, how can you resist Wasabi, Fresh Olive, Hot Chocolate, Tiramisu, Biscotti, and these are just the food names. 

Then there are the comfort names such as Cable Knit, Lambskin Duvet, Overcoat, and Hush. Nature themed names pull at me such as Sea Foam, Bed of Ferns,Yukon Sky and Night Train (so romantic!!) If I wasn't a full time artist I think I'd be applying to the paint companies as a 'paint title-er'. Now that would be a fun job.

Today I dropped in to my local paint store and picked up not only some color chips that I haven't seen before, but I also had them mix up four sample sized cans for some DIY projects. I also lucked out and got some small sample pots that were being cleared out. They were free! Luckily, I found some in my fave colors and ones that I use quite a bit. Cool blues, greens and browns. Such a soothing palette. 

Back to my paints. I promise to share the DIY projects as soon as they are completed.