Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Owls.

Have you noticed that owls seem to be a very hot trend in home decor lately? Perhaps it's because they've been on my radar, but I see them almost everywhere I go.  It's a trend that seems to come back every so often (I remember in high school in the 70's they were big) and so the saying goes-everything old is new again.

I was asked to do some illustrations of owls this past summer. This pair of owl paintings are 18x18, mixed media on canvas. A perfect opportunity to use up some textured papers and play with some mixed media techniques. The cool gray tones and hits of bronze give them a rather moody feel. Almost spooky, so with Halloween coming up I thought I'd share them.

The publishers ended up using 2 other owls that I painted in the series and I'm left with 4 paintings of owls.  In fact there are paintings and illustrations crowding the shelves and the floor of my studio/living space. Perhaps it's time for a studio sale.