Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Cats. Whats in a Name?

According to poet/playwright T. S. Elliot every cat should have three names. In reality, according to the crazy cat people we know (us included) they have many many more.

 Meet Nami. AKA Tsunami, Newman, Newmi, Newmstead, Fatso, Pico, Peekee, Spoony, Schmoopy, Stinki, Floopy.

And this is Iggy. Full name Ignatowski Popaloni. 
AKA Sico (pronounced seeko) Sici (pronounced Seekee) Fwippy, Fwipstead, Flippy, Sweeti, Sweet Tea.

When I first met my DH years ago, I adopted his black cat. She came to live with us when we moved in together. One day we made a list of all of her names. I think we had over 30. Crazy? Maybe, but if you're a cat lover I'm sure you can relate. How many names does your cat have?