Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fashion Illustration, Old School.

I found my old portfolio today with my sketches I did way back in the day at OCA-when it was still OCA and not OCAD as it is now. Sadly, I lost much of the work I did in school due to a flood we had in the basement of a rental apartment we used to live in.

These drawings were all done in Sunny Choi's fashion illustration class. I was very much into fashion back then and Sunny's fashion illustration class was my favorite. She would set up easel and draw during the class too. I loved to watch her draw, the way she worked her pencil or chalk line was amazing, and still is to today. Check out her website here.

We drew from live models. Here I sketched three separate poses by the same model on one page. I guess I thought this was really creative back then.

In looking at this sketch now I realize that for fashion illustration, the brides bottom half is too short and I should have made her legs longer.

I still love this dress the model wore that day. I had a similar one and actually I had the same earrings and hair. Hey, it was the eighties!!

I'm happy this wasn't destroyed with the other work. This sketch was one of my best pieces and yes, I did get an A on it. :-)