Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arts on King Presents "Potpourri"

My newest paintings are being featured at Art on King, June 1-30. Why "Potpourri" you ask? I chose "Potpourri" as a title because this showing is an ecclectic grouping of paintings of my favorite themes of late. Birches, blossoms, and birds.  As well as continuing with my birds on a wire series (with an urban twist) I've completed five paintings of pigeons. I watch the pigeons from my studio window on the sidewalk and the rooftops. I find them oddly comforting, and remember feeding them often as a child.

Potpourri-Artist Statement

I carry my camera with me at all times as I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. I use the photos I've taken as inspiration and reference, but it is my personal interpretation of the subject that appears on the canvas rather than a replication of the photograph. I strive to make each painting a soft focus moment in time. A recent move to a new home/studio in downtown Toronto has ignited a passion to paint the things I see around me. But rather than capturing the noisy, ever changing movement and high energy that is the norm for most large cities, I paint the hidden quiet moments. My intent is to transport the viewer to a softer place where the hard edges of the world have been removed, replaced by romance, peace and innocence.

If you can, please join us for the opening reception at Arts on King. 165 King Street East. Toronto on Saturday June 4 from 1-4 pm. Hope to see you.

More event details here. Rita Vindedzis Fine Art on Facebook.