Monday, May 16, 2011

Continuing the Inspiration.

Here's the mood board that I created last week. I went through my stacks and stacks of magazines and pulled out pages with bright beautiful color.

Other things inspiring me these days are the buildings I see while out walking about the city. Warm and sunny days have been few and far between this spring so when the sun does come out, I like to get out with my camera.

Inspired by that fabulous photo of the Summerhill subway station by Ben Mark Holzberg, I grabbed this shot while underground. I need to tweek the colors a bit but I love the shot of yellow.

Meeting up with a friend for a caffeine hit at a local coffee bar. When two creative types get together inspiration can flow like water.

fresh flowers, need I say more?

Exploring the numerous shops in Chinatown.

Inspiration seems to come to me from everywhere these days. 
So tell me, What's inspiring you?