Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for an Art Show and Sale.

Preparations have been ongoing for this upcoming show as I have to be ready for this Saturday. It's wonderful having my work available in galleries, but I haven't done a show like this in a few years so it will be fun getting out there and meeting the buyers.

As of now this painting is still untitled. It's 6"x36" part of my "Birds on a Wire" series. I enjoyed painting in this small wide format and it's really 6 paintings in one.

I don't usually frame my paintings as I extend the painting around the edges of the canvas so that they can be hung unframed, but I thought I'd frame a few up special for this show.

And I did a series of "birds on a Wire" especially for this show too. These are acrylic on acid free illustration board, 10"x10" framed in silver toned frames.

These landscapes are 12"x12" and will fit in that little space where you just need to hang some art. Although they look wonderful on their own, I like to hang smaller works in groupings on the wall.

This year there happens to be 2 father/daughter combos at the show. Myself and my dad Nandor Horthy and also Anja Karisik and her father Ciba Karisik. You can read the full article here