Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mixed Media For Fun.

Sometimes when I have shows coming up and other art deadlines are looming, or when I just need a break from the paintings I do "as work" I always turn to mixed media for some fun. Think back to the days (your early early days) in school when it was time for ART. These are my first favorite memories of art making. The finger paints, crayons, and dry noodles glued to paper and painted the most brilliant colors. 

Now days its drawing in my sketchbook, art journal ling, and making background papers. There are so many beautiful digital papers available these days but I like to work "old school" creating that look with paint, stamps, stencils, collage, gel transfers, markers, colored pencils...

There is something almost magical that happens when you play with the materials, not really thinking about the end result, just letting the colors and the materials take over.

The range of stamps available are mind boggling but really if you think about it stamps can come from anywhere. Sponges, sticks, vegetables, assorted kitchen utensils, string, crumpled paper, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, the list is endless. The chandelier "stamp" I used on the above is actually a laser cut, felt Christmas decoration.

Sometimes while I'm making these background papers I'm thinking and planning for future paintings. Working out a color palette or design. Sometimes the creativity will flow and I'll come up with new ideas.

Sometimes while I'm having fun and creating with mixed media I allow my mind to float free and dream. Ideas, hopes and plans for the future rise to the surface. I've been thinking about sharing more. Maybe there's a book in the future?