Monday, April 18, 2011

Figment, Flight and Fancy.

Supria Karmakar and myself at Supria's opening at Arts on King.

Pages created by Supria in my book Gifts From the Sea, part of the Inner Works collaborative.

This past Saturday I had the wonderful pleasure of finally meeting in person Supria Karmakar. Supria is a fabulous, very talented encaustic artist, and a beautiful soul. We've been online friends for a few years and I participated in a mixed media altered book round robin, which was Supria's creation.

Supria's show, titled Figment, Flight and Fancy opened last week at Arts on King in Toronto and is a must see. Encaustic painting involves using hot wax and pigment applied to a surface. Supria adds mixed media elements to create paintings that are highly textured, vibrant and translucent. Her work is layers upon layers of beautiful imagery that must be seen in person. Although it looks great on screen, a computer monitor really does not do her work justice. In looking closely at one of Supria's paintings elements appear to be floating in the luxurious colors and textures and the work has that wonderful smell of the wax-it all adds to the experience. You can see paintings from the show and more of Supria's encaustics on her blog and website. Figment, Flight and Fancy runs until April 30, 2011.