Friday, October 29, 2010

Yay For Fridays!

"Taxi !!" 40x30x1 Acrylic on canvas

TGIF! Yay it's Friday! I don't know why but Friday has such a good vibe for me. It's the end of a very productive week so I guess that's why I'm feeling so good. Check out my friend Gabriela Delworth's blog today. I just happened to have an extra ticket to a taping of the Steven & Chris show last week and Gabriela joined me. We had a great time and yes, Steven and Chris are just as cute (if not cuter) in person. Gabriela has some great photos of our adventure.

New cityscapes are on their way to Koyman Gallery in Ottawa. As you can see from "Taxi!!" above, I'm still really into neutrals and moodiness in my cityscapes these days. Especially now that the weather has cooled, we've had some amazing gray clouds and sunsets on our balcony. I'll be out with my camera after dark for the coming weeks to satisfy my urge for bright lights and neon (hhmmm, must be left over from the Vegas getaway lol!)

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, have a great one.