Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Mad for Mad Men.

Banana Republic, store window display
New York, 2009

This is how it all began. My obsession with Mad Men. The very highly acclaimed AMC television drama. We were on vacation in New York last summer and there he was in all his manly glory. Don Draper. Not thee Don Draper, I think I would've passed out (sorry honey!) Banana Republic had a display in their store windows and there he was in a poster, all suited up. Of course I had heard all about the show and read the reviews raving about it but never got into watching it.

All that changed when we returned home from vacation. I watched season 1 and fell in love with the show and the cast. Now when I say watched, I mean watched, in 2 days. 13 episodes. I was hooked and needing more. On to season 2. Then my DH wanted to watch also (I guess I wouldn't shut up about it) so I re watched season 1 and 2 with him. Now we are both watching season 3 and then we can finally start watching season 4 as the episodes are being pvr'd.

Please no spoilers!!!!!

I joined the group SCDP on Facebook and started following some of the characters on Twitter. Imagine my surprise and delight when Betty Draper, Don Draper, Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson and Salvatore Romano started following me on Twitter!! What do you mean they're not real?? Of course they are!! I've even started listening to 60's music while painting in the studio-I'm so far gone. If you haven't seen Mad Men yet, check it out. You'll get hooked like I did. I promise.