Friday, April 9, 2010

Supria Karmakar, the Creator of Inner Works.

Supria Karmakar was the mastermind behind Inner Works, a round robin altered book collaborative. It was her creative spark and organization that turned the whole project into a reality. At the onset it was supposed to be a 6-8 month collaboration but with artistic delays and travel time for the books, it turned into a full years effort. We had 3 artists in the United States, Seth, Roxanne and Jill, and 3 artists in Canada, Supria, Veronica, and myself in the group. If you don't already know Supria's work, or if you do and would like to see more, please visit her website, blog, and Etsy shop.

Supria did 2, 2 page spreads in my book and all her pages are so rich with visual imagery. Supria works mainly with encaustic and indeed there are many layers to her work.

Her colors are bold and there's plenty of texture and added elements and ephemera. Text, words, and beautiful images.

I really like this little pop up that Supria included. It adds a whole new dimension to the spread.

I'm afraid my images here don't really do Supria's work justice. I'm very lucky to have my finished book so I can look at her work in person and feel the texture and even smell the wax. Thank you Supria for including me in this wonderful project. I got to work with 5 very talented artists and I have a beautiful book to show for it.