Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Wind Lost" A New Painting

Wind Lost
40x40 Acrylic on Canvas

Today I wanted to share with you my newest large painting. If you're a regular reader, you know that I work on many paintings of various sizes at once. That way I can move from one to the next. Last week I finished 5 paintings and Wind Lost was the largest of the bunch. It was the only "skyscape" as the others were more land than sky. I must have my head in the clouds again as I'm finding that it's the subject that's calling to me lately.

I cannot take credit for the title. Wind Lost. How perfect is that title??? To me, it suits my painting beautifully. Wind Lost is Terri's beautiful blog and is turning 4 very soon. Check it out here. Wind Lost is one of the very first decor blogs that I started reading and fell in love with immediately. Such beautiful photos and eye candy. Terri shares bits of her home, decorating, her photos and her travels. She even blogs for HGTV.ca (way to go Terri!)

Wind Lost is 40x40 and acrylic on a thick gallery canvas. If you're interested in purchasing or want to know more details about it or my art just drop me an email.