Friday, August 21, 2009

The TV Tour Part 2

Do you watch this show? Seinfeld is one of my faves and watching it still makes me laugh. It's become part of our daily lives here and we can recite the lines to more than a few episodes. Of course we had to drive to the upper west side to see Tom's Restaurant. We even had lunch there. I ordered what George always ordered. Tuna on toast, coleslaw and a cup of coffee. I bet the waitress gets that all the time!


Mad Men
is used here in a window display. I'm taking the next couple of days as "vacation" to watch all of season 1 and season 2. Then I'll be all caught up for season 3.

30 Rock has been nominated for 22 Emmy's. I was sort of expecting to see Kenneth running around while we were on the tour. Yes, I know sometimes I'm living in a TV fantasy land!

We didn't get to pass bye any of Carrie's haunts from Sex and the City, but we did stay in the Plaza, in a room similar to the suite Carrie and Mr.Big stayed in. You can see some gorgeous photos of them here.