Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Nature at Artstream Gallery and Studios.

Pastoral 10x10 Acrylic on Canvas

Hello. Is it Monday already? Did you have a great weekend? Even though I gave myself a few extra days of vacation last week I did manage to get a few important art related things accomplished.

I have some wonderful news to share. I'm having a show along with artist Albina McPhail at Artstream Gallery and Studios located in Rochester New Hampshire. I was introduced to Artstream when I began blogging and discovered one of my favorite reads, Art Esprit.

I immediately fell in love with Susan's blog, artwork, gallery and Etsy shop. As both Susan and Albina are very well known in the art and blog world, I'm thrilled and honored to be included. "Beautiful Nature" with Albina Mcphail and Rita Vindedzis. September 3-30th. You can read what Susan had to say about Albina's work here and visit Albina's site here. Her blog is a wonderful read too! If you happen to be in the area during the show dates please stop in. If it's distance that keeps you away, you can shop online. A preview of both Albina's and my work is right here.