Monday, May 18, 2009

We Have Contact.

Happy Monday all. We have a long weekend here as it's Victoria Day so this is a short post. Last week I was out and about checking on some photo venues that are part of the Contact festival here in Toronto. I happened across this store front that I just had to get a shot of. It made me laugh for a few reasons. #1 the name, and #2 the small print. Ok, so I thought it was cute.

There is so much wonderful photography to see during Contact and I like that it's not just in galleries but everywhere. Restaurants, retail, pubs etc. I came across the photography of Stephen J. Edgar in Delight, a tiny shop that sells handmade organic fair trade chocolate. I instantly fell in love with his treescapes. So full of movement and energy. Check out his website and blog. Today, I'll be checking out what Contact has to offer in the Distillery district. Contact ends May 31.