Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Beautiful

There is something about beach glass that I find just captivating. Simply beautiful. When my son was a toddler, we lived very close to the lake and we'd go together for daily walks, barefoot at the waters edge, picking up these tiny treasures. Since then I've made some art pieces with the glass. A funky mosaic table top, and a frame for a mirror. I also made myself a bracelet but after a while, I took it apart and put the pieces of beach glass back with the others in this mason jar. I recently came across this shop on Etsy. LucyJewel Seaglass makes beautiful necklaces and earrings from beach glass. What I like most about their jewelry is that they keep the beach glass in it's found state. They don't drill or tumble. I especially love this necklace. It's true, the blue ones are few and far between, very hard to find. This beautiful aqua glass is combined with the copper chain, lovely!! Check out LucyJewel Seaglass for some wonderful finds. You can also see their blog here.