Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Fever and I Won a Giveaway!!

Magnolia Buds
Acrylic on Canvas 12x24

I've had a bad case of spring fever lately. All I can think about is warmer temperatures and flowers and trees blossoming. Hurry up spring!!

Last week I entered this giveaway on decor8. I don't usually enter things like this because the number of people that enter are so high and I always think "what are my chances?" But as this giveaway was on Holly's blog and I had a chance to win fabulous art and textiles by Rebecca Peragine at print*pattern*paper I just had to enter. Imagine my surprise when I checked back to decor8 last night and found out that I had won. Happy Happy!! I've been searching and trying to decide what I will purchase. There's some fabulous artwork and the cutest tote bags, I just can't decide.