Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Tagging!!

I was tagged yesterday by my new blog friend Sharon of Mana Moon Studios. Sharon is an awesome jewelery artist and along with her husband Damein, they create unique OOAK wearable treasures. Thank you so much for the wonderful post and your kind words!!

This is my first tagging so here are the rules. Mention and link to the person that tagged me. List 8 things about myself. Leave a comment when I'm done posting and tag 8 others. OK. Here goes!!
1. I only recently started blogging and am not very computer savvy. I've so much to learn still and I sometimes (alright, often) feel overwhelmed by it all.
2. I'm a cat person.
3. I didn't use "baby talk" at all when my son was an infant, but find myself using it constantly with our 2 cats. Sickening, I know.
4. I never want to stop learning. I'm a student of life.
5. When I was in gr 10 we took a family vacation to Mexico. I took a month off school and we drove from Toronto, Canada through the U.S. and Mexico to our destination, Acapulco. All my teachers gave me homework to do so I wouldn't fall behind except for my geography teacher. He said I'd learn more from that trip than any textbook could teach. He was so right!!!!!
6. I'm super sensative. I'm a Cancer, a moon-child. Need I say more.
7. Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list.
8. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. Oh alright, any movie with Richard Gere or Hugh Grant qualifies.

Well that's it. Here are the 8 people that I'm tagging. Now I know that we are all extremely busy so I would not be offended at all if you aren't into this at the moment. Check out their great blogs too!!
1. Carmen of Melonhead Knitwear.
2. Supria of Supria Designs-Encaustic Musings.
3. Gabriela Delworth
4. Terri from Wind Lost.
5. Trina of Decor Addict
6. Tammy of Art and Insperations.
7. Veronica Funk Musings.
8. Ann Marie of That Girl Designs.

Edited Monday noon.-I just realized that I said "would" be offended if you aren't into this. You know I meant "would'nt" be offended. Dah, how embarrassing!!