Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Link Love

I meant to do a blog post yesterday, I really did but then the day just got away from me and it never happened. Usually I'm very organized and my Mondays start with a big cup of steaming hot coffee and a list of all that's to be accomplished that day and the rest of the week. Well it was about 3 in the afternoon before I got to make that list. I started yesterday with a few emails I had to write which I found rather frustrating because the words just wouldn't come. So I do what I usually do then-I take a break and check out some of my favorite blogs. I popped in to see what Veronica was up to and found her photo of a new painting. I hope you feel better Veronica!!. Then I checked out my two favorite design blogs decor8 and decor addict. Awsome as always.

Gabriela was next-she's always got something very interesting going on. She didn't disapoint! And then on to Marisa's blog. A very interesting post on a heated topic!! It was after I had finished reading Marisa's post and spent way too much time writing and leaving her a comment that I thought I should check on the time. Oooops, 11:30 already??!?? Time to get those emails written and sent.

I spent the rest of my day varnishing and wiring 20 smalls for Art Interiors, and wrapping six new paintings for XC Art Restoration that I'm delivering later today. Oh yes, and because my studio is in my home, I also managed to get in three loads of laundry, make dinner, feed the cats, blah, blah, blah.

The little Daisy piece above will be available in my shop later this week. I'll be listing lots of new work very soon. Please check back often.