Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Gallery

The paintings on my walls are constantly being rearranged and moved around as I shift and move my larger paintings to the different galleries that show my work. Sometimes it really feels like we live in a gallery as I have canvases painted and unpainted strewn about our not so large apartment. We have a long hallway from our front door that leads into the rest of the place and this is where I line them up until I need them. I spent some time rehanging this weekend and organizing so that it's not so chaotic. I had some fun fooling around with some letters and another cloudscape (in progress) on the mantel and here's the look I came up with. What do you think??

I also realized a bit too late that the mini cloudscapes in my shop slipped into the expired listings after I had posted them. I don't think that I'll re-list them now as I'm working on listing lots of new mixed media work for holiday gift giving, and I'll be previewing them here. Stay tuned!!!