Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Happy Art Supplies

Have I told you that I love back to school time? That means that there are always good sales happening for back to school supplies and art supplies. To me there's just something about opening a brand new box of pencil crayons or oil pastels. All the colors lined up just like rainbows. Shiny, unused freshly sharpened points all waiting to be the first ones chosen. Oooh, think of the possibilities!!!!

Today I made my way out to my local art supply store and stocked up some new items. Brand new watercolor pencils and oil pastels that I'll be incorporating into my new mixed media work. And plenty of small stretched canvases. These will become small landscapes in acrylic that will be going to Art Interiors for their annual "Festival of Smalls" in November. Now I'm off to start using some of the new goodies I purchased today.