Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Got my Head in the Clouds.

I've always loved clouds. As a child lying on the grass for hours on end staring up at them. Picking out different objects that they resembled and morphed into, or just day dreaming of what was to become of me. I don't think I realized back then that I'd be painting them for hours on end. I love painting clouds and have admired other artists paintings of clouds. The cloudscapes of J.M.W. Turner are my favorite. I find them very free, almost abstract. Of course the best way to see cloudscapes are to get out in the fresh air, find a comfy spot and look up.

Above are a few of my cloud portraits. I had some help (ok, it was done for me) with the addition of the words. Did I mention I'm a bit of a technophobe?? The top 2 pieces are 12x12 and the bottom piece is a compilation of 12, 6x6 cloud portraits. All are acrylic on canvas. Three of them are available here in my Etsy shop.