Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snowdon Theatre and a trip to Sunnybrook E R

It's definitely time for a vacation!! Yesterday was not the greatest of days. I've been rushing around like mad finishing up paintings that I'll be submitting into the Square Foot Show tonight. I thought I'd get an early start so right after my morning coffee, I started wiring up the 3 canvases, the same way as I have done so many times before. I was poking a hole for the screw with the awl when the stretcher wood gave way and the awl went into the fleshy part of my right hand, right at the base of my "lifeline". Yeeeoowwww!!! It went in quite deep (Erik and I guessed about a cm deep). Now for someone who gave birth with NO drugs of any kind after being in labor for 36 hours, I was screaming pretty loud. I got Nami (our black cat ) in a total frenzy and she was meowing loudly along with me. Now I've got my hand in the sink, applying pressure, and feeling squeemish at the site of my own blood rushing down the drain. I couldn't remember when I had my last tetnus shot and my imagination started to run wild-time for a trip to Sunnybrook E R.

Sitting in the waiting room is not much fun. It seemed rather quiet for a long weekend, but it was quite early in the day. I felt rather foolish sitting there with what now seemed like such a minor thing when you think about all that goes on in a hospital. But I rationalized that it is the hand that I earn my living with so I better have it looked at. After about 2 hours I was done. The staff were very efficient, helpful and friendly. A BIG THANK YOU to all that helped me.

Above is just one of the paintings that I'm submitting into the Square Foot Show. "Snowdon Theatre" acrylic on canvas. $200. Every painting, by every artist at the Square Foot show will be 12x12 an $200. Come and check it out!!