Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paint, Texture, Mixed Media

The Black Crows  12x12  mixed media on canvas.

Today I'm sharing with you my second entry for the Square Foot Show. "The Black Crows" 12 x12 mixed media on stretched canvas is on of my newest works. This piece took quite some time to do as I'd work on it and put it away for days at a time. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and even though it's different then my usual painting-it's still me. There are layers and layers of paint, over acrylic molding paste. There are also 5 leaves embedded in the background for extra texture. I did the drawing of the wire and the crows first with a sharpie marker, wanting to keep it quick and gestural. I then painted over the crows with acrylic paint using a lot of dry brush to achieve my signature "soft focus" look. I've really been inspired by birds lately. I've taken lots of photos of them on our long drives in the country, and throughout the city. When they're all lined up along the wires like that it just says "summer" to me.