Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Mixed Media and Giveaway news!

Here's another mixed media painting that I finished recently. "Urban Trees" 12x12. This one was really fun to work on. I textured the surface with acrylic molding paste first and then added a small square of Japanese paper that has leaves embedded in it. I painted, and stamped and glazed and painted some more. When I work on my mixed media pieces, the studio becomes a great big mess. I work on many pieces at a time so there are papers and scraps all over. I find it really enjoyable especially when the finished paintings start appearing out of the chaos. I'm not sure where this piece will end up yet. Perhaps in my online shop.

It's almost that time!!! What a great way to end a wonderful summer. I'm having a giveaway!! Back in my blogpost titiled "A Little R&R" I mentioned that you can have a chance to win one of 3 original paintings. The first giveaway will be in the first week of September. I'll post a photo of my painting and just by leaving me a comment, You'll have a chance to win it. So stay tuned!!!