Thursday, June 12, 2008


This has been a crazy week so far. A whirlwind!! I have been working on new paintings. I was hoping to have had at least a few finished and photographed by now. There are seven canvases in different stages spread out around the studio and spilling into the adjacent living area. My work table is covered with sketches, color charts that I've made, dozens of my reference photographs. On the floor off to one side are small masonite squares 6"x6" in progress for another project that I'm working on. Jann Arden is my music of choice for today and plays rather loud in the background. "Into the Sun". Makes for lovely chaos.

I heard from Leonardo Gallery today about the Toronto International Art Fair. The gallery didn't make it into the show. It's a numbers game. Too few spaces available and too many galleries applying to get them. I'm a little disappointed as I was to be one of six gallery artists to exhibit at that show. Oh well, I'm staying optimisitic. As they say when one door closes another door opens.

The above painting is Sunset Path 36"x48". I painted this a couple of years ago but it really is one of my favorite paintings that I've done. It sits happily in a private collection.