Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creative Recycling

A very popular design blog that I read is inspiring a creative recycling project. You can read about it here under the post "can you inspire someone". I am off to the post office with my donation of 12x12 original artist papers and original art cards that will be included in "inspiration packs". I first discovered Holly and her decor8 blog last spring. Blogging was totally new to me and I just loved (and still do!) reading her posts. Many of the stores and places I visited during my trip to Boston last summer was thanks to Holly's blog.

The artist papers are something I started doing awhile ago just for fun. They are a great way for me to loosen up before doing a larger painting. Just playing with paint, stamps, mixed media and such. They are all about "playing" with materials and just having fun with it. After the papers started piling up in the studio I decided to cut them into 12x12 squares and pass them on to friends as original scrapbooking sheets. The art note cards I've been doing since I began painting and used to sell them at outdoor art shows. Now I just do them so that I will have original art cards to give away for special occasions. Thanks Holly, for the opportunity to recycle "creatively" and for inspiring me with your wonderful blog