Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Approach at XC Art Restoration

I've titled this newest painting "On Approach". It's 24"h x 30"w. on stretched canvas. I've been doing skies for a while now but this one is a little different. Where I would normally put a strip of land with some trees or bushes, I've added a darkened skyline. Just a hint of rooftops and such, some with lights just turned on. Perhaps this is my way of easing into the urban thing. I'm very comfortable painting my landscapes and achieving that soft focus look that I like to my work. So I've started to add buildings and a human element to challenge myself. Living in such a large and diverse city as Toronto provides me with endless subject matter for new paintings. I've been doing sketches and studies and taking dozens of photographs. I'm really "looking" at buildings, angles, and hard edges in a different way and am enjoying combining these things with the softness that I have been painting.

This painting along with four other new works that I just finished will be available for purchase at XC Art Restoration. They are a great gallery here in Toronto and have carried my work for quite a few years now. Their specialty is conservation and restoration of fine art and art objects but they also feature the work of selected artists.