Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been going around the city for the last couple of weeks with camera in hand taking photographs. The photos will be used as reference for a new series of paintings that I am producing. Urban Landscapes. I've always enjoyed seeing the city as if I were a tourist. You notice things you wouldn't otherwise notice as you're going about you're daily business. The buildings seem taller and there is so much new construction going on everywhere. Condos. Progress. It looks a lot cleaner and brighter now that most of the winter garbage has been cleaned up and the trees have turned green. The flower shops and mini marts have beautiful blooms on display. So much colour!! It's going to be hard choosing from so many photos, which ones or "parts of" will be worked into actual paintings. I will be doing plenty of drawings and studies for this series. I think I'll post one in stages as I go along. This is a shot of Yonge St. at the Eaton Centre heading south. A rainy day.