Thursday, May 1, 2008

Read my blog-Please

One of the newest trends these days is blogging. It seems that anyone and everyone has a blog. Even fictional characters on prime time TV shows have blogs, such as Barney Stinson, the "suited up" womanizer on CBS's How I Met Your Mother. I attended a marketing seminar last night at Visual Arts Ontario. Thanks Kim!! It was a wonderful and very informative talk that you gave. The seminar dealt with online marketing. A very broad topic especially for a newbie such as myself. So much to learn so little time!! We talked about blogging and what an effective tool it can be for an artist. It not only serves me as an online journal, it also connects me with potential clients and other artists and well, people in general. And let's face it, working in the studio can be isolating at the best of times so blogging is a nice break from that.

My blog is a work in progress and will only get bigger and better. I chose Google's Blogger for my blog as it is very easy to use. It will be a place for me to show new works and works in progress, chat about the ups and downs of being a working artist, and yes sometimes even rant. I have signed up for an "Artful Blogging" course being taught by paper artist/designer/instructor Gabriela Delworth and this will be very helpful to get my blog looking just the way I want. I suppose I could do this by myself but I find it much more helpful and fun this way. So, I'm working very hard at this, read my blog-Please!!!