Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Year Ahead.

I'm back in the studio after two meetings this morning and am super motivated. I've been meeting weekly with another artist/friend since last November. These meetings are all about goals, both career and personal, and keeping each other accountable and on track. Of course there is some small talk and plenty of coffee involved.

The Cityline crew taping in my home/studio.

Much was accomplished last year and probably the highlight was my art/design segment that I worked on with Sharon Grech for Cityline. That dream/goal was a year in the making and well worth the effort. The summer months brought some excitement when I noticed that a couple of my published posters were bestsellers online. Travel is oh soooooo inspiring and there were three trips to Vegas (I know!!) and one to NYC. There were also plenty of field trips to the AGO and local galleries, and I said good-bye to an artist friend that left the country to follow her heart (brave soul)

This coming year is being planned and mapped out. I didn't always do this in fact for so much of my life I just 'let it happen' but now I know that once written down, that dream becomes a goal and attainable.

What I know for sure.

Exercise and eating right are key for me to stay motivated, inspired and happy. Not so much the eating right, that I'm quite good with, but when I get really really busy, the exercise is the first to go. I won't do that this year. The workouts are scheduled in and will happen regularly!!

I need to get out!! Long days painting in the studio can be isolating. I need to get out every day for a twenty minute break, grab a coffee or just a walk around the block. 

A few goals from the past couple of years that were put on hold for one reason or other will be on my calendar this year. The timing is right.

I am going to ask for what I want. Step out of my comfort zone more often, and dream big. I'm not going to let my 'inner critic' screw with me as much. Look out 2015, I've got this!!!!!!