Sunday, January 18, 2015

Art Inspiration and a Road Trip Part Two.

Here we are again at Roy's Gas, Motel and Cafe. If you're interested in reading up on it's long history, this is a good link.

This site has been used in many movies and music videos.

The famous Roy's sign was erected in 1959

What struck me most was the eerie feeling I got as I walked around exploring the area. 

The motel lobby, with items left strewn about, seemed as if it had been abandoned very quickly.

The cabins evoked that same eerie feeling in me. 

Some were empty and others contained very unique art installations.

Like many of the old establishments along Route 66 this place is frozen in time

According to this site Roy's is selling gas again, but not when we were stopped there. A young couple had pulled in ahead of us and were out of gas. The person there at the time was trying to pump gas into their car but there was no gas coming out. They were stranded and calling friends to come and pick them up. Strange right?? Cue eerie music.....