Friday, December 5, 2014

Messages From the Universe Or In This Case Instagram.

Staying focused on my art has been a bit of a challenge these days. I guess it's the time of year. The hectic pace of preparing for major shows is over. Now planning and prepping for future art related goals and holiday events have taken over. This includes paperwork, organizing, shopping, cleaning etc. etc. Studio time has taken a hit for sure.

When I'm away from my paints and creative tools for awhile, insecurities and self doubt will slowly creep in. Especially if I've been looking at other artist's work on social media, or at galleries and art shows. 

Am I good enough? I'm not good enough. I should be painting this way. Why is her/his painting so popular? Perhaps I should change my style. Why am I not farther along? How come her/his work is selling like hotcakes? 

I am good enough!!!! aren't I ??? 

I think all creatives get like this at times and it's so easy for these feelings to creep in when we are bombarded with images of other artist's work. So I was so happy to see this quote on @glenandjamie's Instagram

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.
 It just blooms."

We all need to remember this at times and I got this message exactly when I needed to see it. Thanks guys.