Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Studio Update.

The Gathering  36x48  acrylic on canvas

Finished 'The Gathering' yesterday. The newest painting in the pigeon series. It's off to XC Art Restoration along with 4 others this weekend.

I've started using 'gallery wrap canvas' for my urban landscapes. The wide sides (1.25" or approx 4cms) take me a lot longer to paint and finish. 

I have 18 large canvases in different stages of completeness on the go at the moment. I'm aiming to get 12 of them completed and off to 2 separate galleries by the end of the month. Really enjoying the long work days.

This (hopefully brief) spell of cooler, cloudy weather is helping me stay focused on painting and all things that need to be done in the studio. While anticipating an up coming beach day.

Hotel Costes is my music of choice while I paint right now.

Serendipity - Following an interior designer on Instagram because you like her style and then getting a comment from her on one of your photos saying she just used your work in a project she's working on.