Friday, June 20, 2014

Into the Light.

So the last few weeks have been crazy around here. I was working towards a deadline for my publisher and needless to say there was chaos. I was working on paper so that meant not only was the worktable being used, I had to spread the papers out on the floor to dry. You know what that meant right? some of them were adorned with cute little cat paw prints. If you want, you can see my posters with Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon here.

I did find time one morning to sort through my rock and mineral collection. While doing so it gave me some time to think about how my art has been changing over the years-especially the last four. Going through a personal crisis really affected the type of art I was putting out. I went through a period there where my work was very dark and moody. I used alot of black and dark neutrals.

My urban cityscapes were especially 'moody' Some even called them somber. To me they were a reflection of my mood at the time. Now that I`m out of that emotional funk, my paintings are definitely getting lighter in mood and color. I still like neutrals and find them very soothing, but I've been using lighter versions of neutrals lately. Pale blues and greens like the many shades of beach glass. Light grays in warm and cool versions.

Taking some time away now. I`ll be in Vegas with my sweetie who surprised me with a trip for my birthday.
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (or both) I'll be posting pics along the journey.