Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Wanderlust {wan-der-luhst} noun. A strong innate, desire to roam or travel about. Origin 1850-55: German, equivalent to wander(n) to wander + lust desire.

I've been hit with a serious case of wanderlust. Due to the fact that various friends and family have gone off on trips (European vacations) or just returned from yet another business trip or a weekend away. And then there's Instagram and facebook where I've been swooning over destination photos every spare moment I get.

It's been very hard for me to stay focused and spend the hours in my studio. Let's face it being an artist can be a quiet, lonely existence. At least for those of us that do not share studios with other artists. Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work from home (in my tiny little corner studio) and nothing beats my 60 second commute to work, but honestly, some days it can feel like solitary confinement.

Music or the television for background noise usually helps and I do try to get out daily for a coffee or a walk around the neighborhood, but the walks have been neglected lately because of cold rainy weather (listen up May! You better bring warmth and sunshine!) and there's just too much painting that needs to get done. It's definitely time to plan a little getaway and feed this wanderlust that I'm experiencing.