Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Studio Changes.

My studio has certainly changed from the time I decided to turn my passion for painting into my career. 

I started out painting very small paintings on the dining room table.

When we moved into a larger apartment there was more space available to me and I progressed to larger works and invested in an easel.

A few years later we moved again this time purchasing a loft/condo in the entertainment district, in downtown Toronto.

I now have a cozy little corner studio that I work from. It's on the southwest corner of the building so I get plenty of beautiful sunlight. My morning commute is fantastic. It's about 6 steps.

Technically my studio space is smaller but it seems much larger thanks to 10' high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.

It's also easy for me to move furniture out of the way in case I have to spread out and work on the floor. I've done this for some larger paintings and mixed media work.

Next year in June it will be 4 years that we've lived here and my little studio space has been changed quite a few times.

Yet, I've still to purchase proper lights to paint by during these  gloomy cloudy and dark days of winter.

Changes are coming once again. Walls have been painted and some new furniture has been purchased.

My special collaboration with Sharon Grech is coming along and a date for the 'after' shoot for our Cityline segment has been set.

I'm really getting excited about it as it's now all coming together. It won't be long now.