Monday, November 18, 2013

So What's Next?

A great big thank you to all that attended our multi artist studio clearance sale last week. It was a huge success and many pieces of original art made their way out to new homes. It's a cloudy, rainy Monday and I have that 'so what's next' feeling I sometimes experience after something big has happened. 

Today is a day for putting things away, clearing up the mess, and planning for new projects. After spending the last few weeks (months) working on cityscapes and small 'subway' paintings, I'll be needing a break from painting hard lines.

I feel the need to paint natural, organic shapes for awhile. Play time. Exploring some abstracts and just letting the paint do what it will on the canvas.

It's also time to get back to this project and finish up loose ends. In no time, Sharon Grech and her team will be back to film the 'after' part of my Cityline segment. Off to see how this day unfolds in the studio. Enjoy your week!