Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Peek Inside My Home/Studio

Living and working in the same space can be challenging at times. My tiny studio space is just a corner of the living/dining open concept room. Every inch of space counts and having canvases all over drives me crazy. So I've started to make use of all the wall space available. We are lucky, we have more wall space than many of the newest condos going up in the area-they seem to be all glass. Where does one hang their art??

At first I thought it odd to hang artwork so high but as we have 10 ft. ceilings it works. Here I've hung a 12x48 in. landscape above the entrance to the master bedroom. The framed painting on the left hangs above the large flat screen television.

I finally got four "Birches" paintings framed together and am very pleased with the look. Separately they are four 12x36 in. canvas panels, but stacked on top of each other and framed in a black floating frame, they look like one large "Birches" abstract.

This space by the window in the master bedroom is a perfect spot to hang one of my vertical "Birches". I painted this one just for me. 

This spot above the kitchen sink and stove top area is perfect for display. I've set up a little retro vignette with some favorite items. The "R" was a gift that I received this past Christmas (thanks sweety) It came from Metropolis Living.