Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Potpourri Opening at Arts on King this Saturday.

I'm always amazed at how different paintings look on screen as opposed to seeing them in real life. This was very evident last week at the Abex show at the AGO. I had gotten so used to seeing the paintings in print or online one way, and it's a totally different experience when you're there in person a few feet away from the original works. 

It's also evident here as well. I try to take good photos and match the colors as closely as I can to the original painting, and yet sometimes they appear flat on screen. Colors aren't as clear or bright and sometimes nuances just disappear altogether. If you like art, books and posters are great, surfing online is fun, but I urge you to get out and see art in person. Go to your local gallery or museum. Check out the independent galleries and outdoor art shows in your neighborhood. Art should be seen in person.

Just a friendly reminder that my show "Potpourri" opens at Arts on King this Saturday. Details here