Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Pigeons  6x6 mixed media on board

First Light 6x6 mixed media on board

Enjoying a somewhat lazy Sunday today. By that I mean now that the household chores are done and the third load of  laundry is in, I've put my feet up and am reading through my fave design mags-March issues. I am dreaming and planning some changes here for spring. Fresh paint on the master bedroom walls, some upgrades on bathroom fixtures and lighting, moving furniture in the main live/work area, and finally, an art wall with framed photography. Photographs taken by my guys and maybe one or two of my own.

Speaking of photography, I'm happy to be included in Seth's post today on his blog The Altered Page, as part of  the Pulse-Collector's Edition Chapter 10. Nearly 150 artists have shared their current collections or obsessions. You can have a read right here.